Anne Heafner

Anne Heafner

After earning her B.S. in dental hygiene at Old Dominion University, Anne worked as a dental hygienist at practices in northern Virginia for close to 20 years. After moving to North Carolina, she came to work for Dr. Stanfield in 1999 and has been here ever since!

She says that she “really appreciates that Dr. Stanfield scrutinizes information to decide what’s best for his patients. There’s a lot of new, trendy stuff that comes out. He truly weeds through the fluff to find out the truth behind the claims.”

As you can tell, Anne is eager to keep up with the latest and greatest in dental hygiene. She’s especially interested in the current research that suggests that oral health and general health are closely related – for example, that periodontal disease is associated with heart disease, and it is a major complication of diabetes.

Anne and her husband, John, live in Oak Ridge, NC. They have two close companions, a poodle named Chester and a cat named Vern.

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