Teeth Bonding

Teeth Bonding in High Point, NC

Bonding to Repair Broken or Damaged Teeth

Dental bonding is a general term for repair of damaged or discolored teeth with tooth colored filling material used to restore teeth back to their natural appearance. It is a relatively inexpensive and easy dental procedure that can be completed in one office visit and in some cases does not require anesthesia.

Bonding is excellent for cosmetic purposes, and it is most effective in these situations:

  • To fill decayed teeth in visible locations to achieve a natural appearance
  • To fully or partially cover the front of a tooth to conceal an unattractive appearance (veneers)
  • To repair a broken or damaged tooth
  • To close gaps between front teeth
  • When we “bond” your tooth, Dr. Stanfield will gently abrade the surface of the tooth, then applies a coating of conditioning liquid that helps the bonding material adhere to the tooth. Next, he molds and shapes a tooth-colored, putty-like composite resin to correct the shape or color problem that is wrong with your tooth. We then use a high intensity visible light to harden the resin. Finally, Dr. Stanfield will trim and adjust the resin, polishing the material until a natural appearance is achieved.

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