Root Canal

Root Canal Treatment in High Point, NC

Root canals are virtually painless under most circumstances due to modern anesthetic and sedative techniques. Root canals are performed to treat a pulpal infection of a severely inflamed pulp. “Pulp” refers to the soft tissue, nerves, blood vessels and lymphatic tissue located in the core of the tooth. When you have a root canal, Dr. Stanfield will numb your tooth and surrounding tissue just as if you were having a routine filling.

The following symptoms may be indicators for root canal treatment:

  • Thermal sensitivity (hot/cold) to food or beverages
  • Newly discolored tooth
  • Pain upon biting
  • Spontaneous pain

Symptoms may arise as a result of circumstances listed below:

  • Longstanding tooth decay
  • Severe fracture/crack
  • Serious injury to jaw or tooth

During a root canal, the infected pulp tissue is removed from the damaged tooth through a small access hole on the tooth’s biting surface. Then, the narrow canals in the roots are thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and filled with an inert sealer to prevent bacteria from leaking in or out of the tooth.

The best way to avoid needing a root canal is to take care of your teeth! Good oral hygiene practices—including twice-daily brushing, flossing, regular checkups with x-rays, and protecting your teeth with a mouth guard when playing sports—will significantly reduce the likelihood that you’ll need to have a root canal.

If you do need to have a root canal, Dr. Stanfield specializes in gentle root canal treatment. Please call us today at 336-884-8989 to discuss your dental needs. We are conveniently located near the intersection of Eastchester Dr. and Penny Rd.