Comprehensive Exam & Dental Cleaning

Dental Cleaning and Oral Exam Services

For the best dental health, preventive care is essential! A complete dental examination and teeth cleaning once every six months helps to ensure well maintained teeth and gums, and any potential issues are discovered early, before they become a problem.

While twice per year may seem like a lot, even if you take good care of your teeth there are areas between teeth and under your gum line that you can’t properly reach. Excessive tartar and plaque buildup lead to tooth decay (cavities). Untreated dental diseases can worsen without prompt attention can necessitate more complicated procedures such as root canals and crowns.

An accurate assessment of a person’s dental needs is performed prior to any treatment, including a dental cleaning. This comprehensive examination includes:

  • Thorough medical history
  • Digital Radiographic exam
  • Oral cancer exam
  • Periodontal (gum) exam
  • An assessment of TMJ function
  • Occlusal (bite) evaluation
  • Charting and assessment of existing restorations
  • Examination of the teeth for cavities, fractures, and other problems.

After your complete exam, we will schedule an appointment for you to have your teeth cleaned. The exam and the cleaning procedure may be performed the same day if an appointment time with the hygienist is available following your exam with Dr. Stanfield.

The comprehensive exam and initial cleaning take approximately one hour for each service.