Mouth Ulcers & Treatment

Ask Dr. Stanfield – What Should I Do For Mouth Ulcers?

Mouth ulcers – also called canker sores – occur inside the mouth, not on the external surface of the lips. They appear as round lesions with a well-defined red border and whitish ulcerated center. They can be very uncomfortable!  They are best treated by an ointment that can be prescribed by your dentist.

However, there are some home remedies that can take the sting out of an ulcer.  For example, a paste made of baking soda and water will work well, as will a styptic pencil dabbed on the ulcer.

You may have heard that Lysine is a good home remedy for ulcers, but it isn’t!  Please only use Lysine for fever blisters on the lip; it is ineffective at treating oral ulcers. There’s also a misconception that Nystatin and antifungal agents are good for ulcers, but again, they are ineffective and should only be used as directed by your dentist.

If you’re prone to canker sores, avoid acidic foods and drinks, and if you get a mouth ulcer, apply a paste made out of water and baking soda to the sore(s). If you are experiencing severe frequent pain due to canker sores, I’d recommend one of the prescription medications that contains a topical steroid
 to help manage the pain.

Can Hormones Cause Canker Sores?

No. Canker sores are caused by stress, injury to your mouth tissue (like biting the inside of your cheek), and possibly some acidic foods.