Dental Safety Procedures

Safety Comes First

While you are visiting our practice, you can rest assured that your safety, health, and wellbeing are in good hands.  Like the vast majority of dentists, we at Charles N. Stanfield, DDS, are conscientious, caring professionals who place patient safety first in our practice.  We want you to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible while we are helping you maintain your healthy smile!

Our philosophy is to provide professional, advanced dental treatment in a safe and comfortable environment.  We are compliant with all rules and regulations dealing with patient and staff safety of all the appropriate federal, state, and professional agencies. The safety precautions we take are:

Safety in the Chair

  1. Patients are provided safety glasses during treatment to prevent eye injury or contamination from dental procedures.
  2. Patients are protected during x-ray procedures with appropriate shielding, including a thyroid collar.
  3. All environmental surfaces are either covered with disposables changed between patients or thoroughly disinfected between patients. This prevents cross contamination between patients and/or staff.
  4. Any instrument or material used in our patients mouths is either disposable (single use) or sterilized.
  5. All our anesthetic syringes are sterilized after each use. Needles are sterile, disposable, and never reused. The needles are discarded safely in a sharps container after one use.
  6. Dental unit waterlines are drained daily, and disinfected weekly to prevent the formation of bacterial microfilms in water lines.

Sterilization Procedures

  1. Following completion of a procedure all disposable materials are discarded, and all instruments are taken from the treatment rooms to the cleaning area.
  2. All instruments are thoroughly cleaned to remove any debris prior to sterilization. Instruments are bagged or placed in metal cassettes following cleaning.
  3. Following cleaning, the instruments are taken a separate sterilization area, and sterilized. Sterile instruments are stored in closed cassettes or bags until needed.  Sterile instruments are never allowed in the cleaning area. Instruments remain in bags or cassettes until they are opened in the treatment room.
  4. Every instrument pack or cassette contains a sterilization indicator to ensure all instruments are sterilized.
  5. All sterilizers are tested weekly by the Oral Microbiology Laboratory at UNC – Chapel Hill, to ensure they are operating normally, and properly sterilizing all instruments.

Personal Protection

  1. All our clinical personnel wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to prevent exchange of pathogens (bacteria, viruses, etc.) between patients and staff. PPE consists of gloves, mask, safety glasses, and disposable gowns.
  2. New gloves are used for each patient. Every clinical staff member washes or disinfects their hands at each glove change.
  3. Clinical protocol requires removal of gloves, before touching any non – clinical item.
  4. If clinical staff members leave the treatment room, they are required to wash or disinfect hands, and reglove prior to returning to the patient.

Other Office Procedures

  1. All laboratory instruments are either sterilized or disinfected thoroughly after each use.
  2. Non-clinical environmental surfaces such as door knobs and countertops are disinfected regularly.
  3. Office staff annually attend continuing education courses to keep informed of the latest rules, regulations, and safety procedures

Dr. Stanfield has extensive experience in all types of dentistry with stringent dental safety procedures. Please call us today at 336-884-8989 to discuss your dental needs. We are conveniently located in the Deep River area of High Point, in North Carolina’s Piedmont Triad.