Dental Bridge Pain

Ask Dr. Stanfield: What causes a dental bridge to become painful?

Dental bridges are intended to reduce pain, make chewing more comfortable, and improve speech. So if you are experiencing dental bridge pain, you likely have some sort of problem that we will need to help you address.

  • Back teeth are subjected to so many forces from several directions when you eat it can be a challenge to get your “bite” aligned just right. You may be clenching or grinding your teeth because your teeth have been altered to prepare them for the bridge.
  • You may have tooth decay under one of the crowns that support the pontic (artificial tooth) causing the teeth to become infected or inflamed.
  • If the pain is happening when you have a temporary bridge in place, it could be that the temporary bridge is irritating your gums or affecting your “bite.”

Dental Bridge Pain Relief

If you have a temporary or permanent bridge in place, and you’re experiencing significant pain beyond the first week or so after placement, please call us. We will need to check out your mouth and the bridge to determine what’s causing the pain.