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Cosmetic Dentistry Services

A beautiful, healthy smile is one of your biggest assets. It’s important in personal, business, and social settings. White, healthy teeth and an attractive smile convey to other people that you are youthful, healthy, and confident. If your teeth are discolored or crooked, and you aren’t as confident about your smile as you’d like to be, cosmetic dentistry may be the answer to your concerns.

High Point cosmetic dentist, Dr. Stanfield, offers the most effective bleaching treatments, bonding, dental implants, bridges, and dentures. We also offer all-porcelain/ceramic crowns, veneers, and onlays for the most natural-looking restorations. No matter what your cosmetic concern, we will help you regain your smile.

Below, you will find more detailed information regarding the services you may be interested in:

Bonding: using tooth-colored filling material to restore a damaged or decayed tooth.
Fillings: using composite (tooth color) or inert metal materials to repair decayed teeth.
Whitening: using take-home custom whitening trays to make teeth appear whiter.
Crowns: using metal, porcelain, or ceramic to cover or “cap” damaged teeth.
Porcelain Veneers: using all-porcelain materials to restore the appearance of teeth.
Onlays and Inlays: metal or all porcelain materials to restore decayed or fractured teeth
Comprehensive Exam & Dental Cleaning: regular, twice-yearly dental cleanings and exams are essential to the health of your teeth and gums.

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